August 19, 2021

Camino Receives 5-Star Review in The Times

“Exquisite and tender sounds from Britain’s guitar sensation”

Sean Shibe received a brilliant 5-star review in The Times for his forthcoming solo guitar album Camino. Reviewed by Geoff Brown.  

For though its programme is centred on Spanish repertoire, with sidesteps to nearby France, the mood is much less picturesque and more introspective than most Spanish excursions suggest. Hearty strumming? Oh, there’s some, in the Miller’s Dance from de Falla’s Three-Cornered Hat. But meditative moments count for much more: a degree of abstraction too, as in the quizzical, mysterious music of the Catalan Frederic Mompou, or the mock-antique spellbinders of Satie. All this perfectly suits Shibe’s great gift for painting notes in what seems a thousand colours, with multiple dynamic shadings en route.

Photo by Iga Gozdowska

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