September 09, 2021

Sean Shibe named Record of the Month by BBC Music Magazine

“The guitarist balances flamboyance and sensitivity in this musical trail of Franco-Spanish treasures”

Sean Shibe received an exceptional 5-star review in BBC Music Magazine for his solo guitar album Camino. Reviewed by Steph Power.  

Whether Sean Shibe would have made this album or its kind without going through what he describes as ‘a difficult and traumatic’ pandemic lockdown is, of course, impossible to know. What is certain is that his response has yielded results that are as exquisite as they are insightful. Seeking ‘comfort and sustenance’, he has delved deep into parts of the guitar repertoire too easily associated with a sentimentality and showy flamboyance towards which he has felt ambivalent since boyhood…

Photo by Dave Rowell

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