December 03, 2019

Schubert Last Piano Sonatas is BBC Music Magazine’s Instrumental Choice

“Piemontesi ensure every note counts.”

”Schubert Last Piano Sonatas” with Francesco Piemontesi is BBC Music Magazine‘s Instrumental Choice – Christmas Edition! Read a glimpse of the review below!

“Piemontesi’s instinctive good taste means he never indulges in histrionics, and operates on the principle that understatement can carry more emotional power than its converse. This performance of D958 is the best I have ever heard.[…] And D960, recorded live and technically immaculate, is glorious. Piemontesi brings ruminative eloquence to the first movement, hushed beauty to the Andante, sparkle to the Scherzo, and muscular lightness to the finale which many players struggle to make coherent, but which here has an unforced naturalness.”

Michael Church

Read the full review on BBC Music Magazine – Christmas 2019 Issue

Photo by Marco Borggreve