March 26, 2020

Schubert Last Piano Sonatas is Classica’s Choc of the Month

“Francesco Piemontesi frees himself from the traditional interpretation of Schubert’s three latest sonatas.”

Schubert Last Piano Sonatas” with Francesco Piemontesi is Classica‘s Choc of the Month! Read a glimpse of the review below!

“Under his keen eye, melancholy represents only one aspect of these multifarious pieces, and while most performers approach these works with a strong pathos, the Swiss pianist provides an interpretation rich in imagination,contrasts and vitality.[…] In the Sonata D. 959, he shows his mastery and knowledge of the instrument and his narrative power. His advanced virtuosity highlights the dynamism of the Allegro before confronting to the frightening Andantino whose subtle staging, according to the score, oscillates between neutrality and instability.[…] It is exactly Piemontesi’s equilibrium between lyricism and formal coherence that impresses and seduces. His supreme vision gives us the rare opportunity to recognize the creative energy of a young composer in his thirties who urgently rushed towards a bright future.”

Michael Church

Read the full review on Classica – February 2020 Issue

Photo by Melissa Khong