July 05, 2023

Saskia Giorgini “Confirms Her Great Liszt Affinities” with ‘Consolations’

“The modesty and the quality of the song, which we discover throughout a copious recital constructed with care and intelligence, are there, like a perfect summary of the artistic approach of the virtuoso.”

Consolations, performed by Saskia Giorgini, received a wonderful review from Crescendo.

A little over eighteen months ago, Saskia Giorgini enchanted us, already for Pentatone, with the album ‘Harmonies poétiques et religieuses‘. We had then appreciated the intense moment of meditative meditation, carefully thought out and tinged with a lyricism that never fails, and we had hoped that this artist would reveal her young maturity involved in other Liszt readings. This is done: a true interpreter of the great Romantic master confirms hands down her affinities with him.  

Here is a magnificent Liszt program that will be placed at the very top of the essential engravings to be hoarded, especially since the sound quality, of a warm fullness, is there. Saskia Giorgini cannot stop there: her affinities owe us other sovereign readings.

Jean Lacroix (translated from the original French text)

Read the full review HERE.