June 02, 2023

Saskia Giorgini Featured on the Cover of International Piano June Issue

“My favourite occupation is to create as much difference in colours as I can.”

-Saskia Giorgini

Pentatone artist Saskia Giorgini is featured on the cover of International Piano’s June issue! In addition to discussing her upcoming album Consolations, she speaks about her approach to Liszt’s music and why she believes in playing complete cycles.

“Giorgini not only sees the connection between pieces in a cycle – she also discovers unexpected connections among pieces that weren’t published together. Her new album, for instance, ‘was supposed to be shorter pieces, very romantic pieces, everything quite intimate’. But she follows the Consolations, the Waltzes and the Liebesträume not with, say, the Petrarch Sonnets (which would be a conventional fit) but with two Legends: St François d’Assise: la prédication aux oiseaux and St François de Paule: marchant sur les flots. I tell her that that’s not what I would have expected, and that it lifts the recital’s trajectory out of the ordinary.”

Peter J Rabinowitz

“Yes, Liszt was a man out of the ordinary! The Legends have lots of notes, and they are exhilarating; they are incredibly exciting. Hearing them is like when you look at one of the miracles, or you see these beautiful pictures of Mary, and you have the feeling of awe and religious exstasy – that specific state of altered perception and euphoria that is described as happening to saints, when they have vision, a union with the devine, or the feeling of being at one with the all.”

Saskia Giorgini