June 23, 2023

‘Consolations’ from Saskia Giorgini awarded Diapason d’Or

We are proud to announce that our release Consolations performed by Saskia Giorgini has been given a Diapason d’Or in Diapason Magazine’s June issue!

“The Bösendorfer has a beautiful balance across all the registers, captured at a favourable distance, in a warm acoustic. The pianissimos and fortissimos do not alter the remarkable definition nor the precision of the soundscape. Almost a year and a half ago, Saskia Giorgini won a Diapason d’or for Liszt Harmonies poétiques et religieuses.

Always on a magnificent Bösendorfer, the Italian-Dutch pianist captivates again with a constantly inspiring approach, a touching terror, a fortiori in intimate pieces such as the Six consolations rendered with disarming simplicity.”

Jean-Yves Clément

Read the full interview in Diapason magazine.