Sacred Songs of Life and Love


Brian A. Schmidt
Release Date: 01-02-2015
PTC: 5186530
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Knut Nystedt
Prayers of Kierkegaard (excerpts from collection)

Total Tracks 19
Total Duration 00hr 53min

Album information

Recorded in January 2014 in the grand acoustical environment of St. Joseph Cathedral in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, by Grammy Award-winning producer Blanton Alspaugh of Soundmirror, this recording once again testifies the stature of South Dakota Chorale as a first-rate ensemble that delivers no less than sublime choral performances.

Sacred Songs of Life and Love features some of the most beautiful works in contemporary Scandinavian and Baltic choral music, including Arvo Pärt’s Sieben Magnificat Antiphonen, selections from Kunt Nystedt’s Prayers of Kierkegaard, Sven-David Sandström’s Four Songs of Love and Algirdas Martinaitis’ Alleluia.

The Chorale’s Conductor and Artistic Director, Brian A. Schmidt perfectly illustrates the intention behind this recording in his personal notes: “We hope this this collection of Sacred Songs of Life and Love will take you through a full range of your human emotions. From the mysticism of Mary’s canticle and the solemn joy that bubbles throughout the “Bogoróditse Djévo”, to the emotion anticipation found in the Sieben Antiphonen, to the deep reverence of Kierkegaard’s prayers, to the poetic perfection and sensual harmonies of the Song of Songs, to the glimpse of heavenly peace found in “O salutaris hostia” and finally the ethereal promise of the “Nunc dimittis”. This music is full of hope, joy, peace and love; and we hope it will fill your heart and ears with much of the same.”