Cello JAZZ (Digital Album, download-only)

Release Date: 08-05-2020
PTC: 5186929

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John McLaughlin (arr. David Sanford)

Miles Davis (arr. David Sanford)

Ornette Coleman (arr. David Sanford)

John McLaughlin (Mahavishnu Orchestra) (arr. David Sanford)

John McLaughlin (arr. Christopher O'Riley)

John McLaughlin (arr. Christopher O'Riley)

Aaron Jay Kernis

10) FIRST CLUB DATE, for cello and piano – I. Prelude to a Pizz. (or, Overture to a French Pizz.) 4:35
11) FIRST CLUB DATE, for cello and piano – II. Puppy Love 4:54
12) FIRST CLUB DATE, for cello and piano – III. Matt's Monkish Machinations 3:04
13) FIRST CLUB DATE, for cello and piano – IV. Elevating the (Jazz) Standard 7:16
14) FIRST CLUB DATE, for cello and piano – V. Jonah's Jive Jump 6:11

John Lewis (Modern Jazz Quartet) (arr. David Sanford)

Billy Strayhorn (arr. David Sanford)

George Gershwin (arr. David Sanford)

Charles Mingus (arr. David Sanford)

Luna Pearl Woolf

Apres moi le déluge (excerpt)

Total Tracks 27
Total Duration 02hr 40min

Album information

Matt Haimovitz’s multi-faceted cello knocks down musical boundaries while scaling emotions from darkness to joy in Cello JAZZ, a wide-ranging playlist featuring some of Haimovitz’s hottest collaborators. Classics like Billy Strayhorn’s haunting Blood Count, George Gershwin’s languid Liza, and Miles Davis’s bebop Half Nelson are reborn in inventive arrangements by modern master David Sanford, who contributes his own big band cello concerto, Scherzo Grosso, and the intense Seventh Avenue Kaddish, a solo tour-de-force. Piazzolla’s Le Grand Tango and DJ Olive’s dreamy Trans resonate alongside the “brilliantly inventive” (The New York Times) AKOKA, with stellar clarinetist David Krakauer, and the jubilant musical playground of Aaron Jay Kernis’s First Club Date. Peak bliss is unlocked with two John McLaughlin tracks from the Grammy-nominated Meeting of the Spirits, with Haimovitz’s maverick band of cello warriors, Uccello.

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