March 11, 2020

Gramophone reviews Haydn & Stamitz

“Both soloists and their accompanists […] play all this undemanding music (for the listener, at least) with ideal pose and balance.”

”Haydn & Stamitz” performed by Ana de la Vega, Ramón Ortega Quero and the Trondheim Soloists has been reviewed on Gramophone – March 2020 Edition! Read a glimpse of the review below!

“The lira organizzata was, as described by Richard Wigmore, ‘a high-tech hurdy-gurdy with sympathetic strings and an inbuilt miniature organ’. Haydn was commisioned in the mid-1780s to compose a handful of concertos for a pair of these odd instruments […]. Haydn himself made versions with the two lire replaced by flute and oboe, the way in which they are most commonly performed today. For instruments of such limited chromatic ability, Haydn’s harmonic shifts are particulary striking. Both soloists and their accompanists, one of Norway’s leading chamber ensembles, are known from previous well-received recordings in these pages.”

David Threasher

Read the full review on Gramophone – March 2020 Issue