Sunday 6 September 2015

All Things Strings: Arabella Steinbacher – Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky Review

“Imperious, broad of line, and intentionally flexible..”

The latest PENTATONE release of "Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky – Violin Concertos" with Arabella Steinbacher, Charles Dutoit and the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande received another exceptional review on All Things Strings.  This release unveil the perfection of Steinbacher’s playing together with the charming Swiss orchestra is a complete musical thrill. Below you can read the warm review:


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A 33-year-old veteran of more than 15 recordings, concert violinist Arabella Steinbacher joins for the first time with Charles Dutoit, conducting the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, made famous by his mentor Ernest Ansermet, and the result is a revelation. This is music making the way it can be heard only when a master conductor lays down and maintains a foundation of continuing insight and beauty that allows the soloist to create her own. Steinbacher’s playing—imperious, broad of line, and intentionally flexible—transforms the typical run-through of these two standard concertos into something entirely different. There is a trade-off occasionally, mostly when a formal but plodding orchestral tutti sucks energy out of the room, but for the most part this is pure musical excitement. Victoria Hall in Geneva, in which the recordings were made, is renowned for its spacious beauty, dynamic range, and impact, and these have been captured by the Pentatone engineers in a way that allows the orchestra to fill the room with sound while the soloist projects to almost near perfection without the slightest hint of microphone manipulation. The Swiss orchestra also plays beautifully in the same coupling Dutoit recorded with a similarly regal Kyung-Wha Chung 25 years ago with his Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal at Saint Eustache Church, one of the first fruits of the digital age.