April 04, 2024

Multiple Five-Star Reviews for PENTATONE Releases in RITMO Magazine

We are happy to share that three PENTATONE releases have received extraordinary five-star reviews in the latest issue of RITMO Magazine!

‘Handel: Alcina’ with with Les Musiciens du Louvre, Marc Minkowski and a fantastic cast of soloists

“The exceptional Alcina, sung and played in this way, reconciles those who maintain that the fun stopped when Gluck arrived and the skeptics of baroque opera: a joyful and deeply human musical theater.”

Daniel Pérez Navarro

‘Un’alma innamorata’ with Francesca Aspromonte, Boris Begelman and Arsenale Sonoro

“It simply happens that, even with such an evocatively bellicose name, the people of Arsenale Sonoro tend towards more chamber-like, delicate and subtle, more peaceful readings, something that Handel’s wonderful cantatas not only divinely admit, but demand… And Although shortly after he went on to operatic greatness, before that he left us a soul in love within this album. Delight.”

Álvaro de Dios

‘Sogno: Tosti Songs’ with Javier Camarena and Ángel Rodríguez

“Starting with Amaranta’s famous songs, the tenor’s voice already seduces, as it is expressive at all times, his instrument yields to subtleties and narrates with honesty. Behind them, many of the pieces that every music lover expects to find in a Tosti recital do not disappoint, and are presented with boldness, luminosity and great attention to nuance. Finally, very appreciated is the long duration of the album, more than eighty minutes of music.”

Pedro Coco