August 09, 2023

Saskia Giorgini “meets Liszt on his own terms” with ‘Consolations’

“Saskia Giorgini is an artist who meets Liszt on his own terms, sincerely, sympathetically and with a secure grasp of 19th-century Romanticism’s richly varied topography.”

Consolations, performed by Saskia Giorgini, received a wonderful review in Gramophone Magazine’s September issue!

Listening to Saskia Giorgini’s fifth release on Pentatone, it’s easy to see how her career has inspired such enthusiasm.

She plunges into the first Caprice-valse (‘Valse de bravoure’) with a joyous abandon that would be reckless were it not for the technical wherewithal that accommodates its mercurial rubato. The sadness encroaching on the Caprice-valse subtitled ‘Valse mélancolique’ speaks with a delicate ambivalence, poised yet unmistakably wistful. Her approach to the third, based on themes from Donizetti’s Lucia and Parisina, is that of the conjuror summoning recollections of both operas, replete with the spectacle of dazzling costumes and flickering footlights. Here, Giorgini’s unerring integration of fioritura passages is vividly evident.

Patrick Rucker

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