Youth (Digital-only EP)


Clare Hammond


Edmund Finnis
Release Date: 02-02-2024
PTC: 5187197

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Album information

Youth presents piano works by contemporary composer Edmund Finnis, performed by Clare Hammond. The EP opens with Youth, a set of brief pieces reminiscing an image, sensation of place, significant encounter or a moment of vivid perception. Each musical image is conveyed as clearly and directly as possible, written for the piano in a focused, uncluttered, personal way. The EP closes with Lullaby for Emmeline, commissioned by Hammond and her husband on the occasion of their daughter’s birth. Evocative and enchanting, these works share a kinship with some of the most famous piano cycles inspired by childhood experiences, while their magical and ethereally beautiful nature are also characteristic of Finnis’s iridescent musical approach.

This is a digital-only EP, not available as a physical product.