December 05, 2023

Edmund Finnis & Clare Hammond present: Youth

Pentatone releases Youth, together with composer Edmund Finnis and pianist Clare Hammond, in February 2024.

Youth presents piano works by contemporary composer Edmund Finnis, performed by Clare Hammond. The EP opens with Youth, a set of brief pieces reminiscing an image, sensation of place, significant encounter or a moment of vivid perception. Each musical image is conveyed as clearly and directly as possible, written for the piano in a focused, uncluttered, personal way.

The EP closes with Lullaby for Emmeline, commissioned by Hammond and her husband on the occasion of their daughter’s birth. Evocative and enchanting, these works share a kinship with some of the most famous piano cycles inspired by childhood experiences, while their magical and ethereally beautiful nature are also characteristic of Finnis’s iridescent musical approach.

“Ed and I initially discussed working together on a new piece when we were students at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. It took us 10 years to find the right opportunity, but was well worth the wait!

This music is relatively simple but seems immediately to touch the heart. It is beautifully evocative, moving, and stays with you long after hearing it. I gave the premiere at Milton Court in the Barbican, have performed it across the UK (including for a BBC Radio 3 live broadcast), and shall be playing it again at the Harrogate International Music Festival on the 24 March 2024. Youth has become a very important piece for me and I feel honoured to have been involved in its creation.”

Clare Hammond

“It’s a great joy to be able to share this first release of my music for solo piano. Since I was young, the keys of the piano have always been for me a private space in which to think, invent and dream. Many of the sounds and ideas within this collection of short pieces have been in my mind and under my fingers for a long time. They are like memories. I’m indebted to my friend Clare Hammond for the artistry, grace and lucidity she brings to this personal music.”

Edmund Finnis

Digital Release Date: 2 FEBRUARY 2024

Physical Release: FEBRUARY 2024

Released in digital formats for streaming and high-resolution downloads.