The Lord of Cries


John Corigliano
Release Date: 08-09-2023
PTC: 5187008
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John Corigliano (1939)

Disc 1 - Act 1

1) Prologue: Taking the Mask. “I, Dionysus, son of Zeus” (Dionysus) 3:36
3) The Odd Sisters. “He flies tonight, on dragons’ wings” (Sisters, Correspondent, Chorus) 3:23

Scene 1

4) Jonathan in Madness. (Jonathan, van Helsing, Seward, Lucy) 5:58
5) Lucy’s Entrance and Jonathan’s Interrogation. “My God! Jonathan!” (Lucy, Jonathan, van Helsing, Seward, Sisters) 4:31
7) Lucy Departs; Seward Remembers. “Hush: no more now” (Seward, van Helsing, Lucy) 2:13

Scene 3

11) The Stranger in Chains. (Maids -Sisters, Seward, van Helsing, Stranger - Dionysus) 5:59
12) Aria. “His temple. How you profane it” (Stranger, Maids) 5:12
13) Seward Resists. “He casts no reflection” (Van Helsing, Seward, Maids, Stranger) 3:43
14) Duet, Interrupted. “Give him what he wants, Seward” (Van Helsing, Seward, Lucy) 2:50
16) Duet, Echoed. “July twelve: midnight…” (Seward, Lucy, Sisters) 6:50
18) Bacchanale: Finale, Act One. (Dionysus, Madwomen, Seward) 5:56

Disc 2 - Act 2

Scene 1

1) Trio, Narrated. “The beauty of it!” (Sisters, Correspondent, Seward) 3:48
2) Dialogue in the Ruins. “Listen a moment” (Sisters, Seward) 2:48

Scene 2

6) Entrance of the Wolf-Prince. “Lucy…” (Wolf-Prince - Dionysus, Lucy) 1:34
7) Lucy, Baited. “Your husband seems subdued tonight” (Wolf-Prince, Lucy) 4:18
8) The Wolf-Prince, Relentless. “Who is Lucy tonight?”(Wolf-Prince, Lucy) 7:28

Scene 3

10) Seward, Transformed. “Oh, Father, gaze upon me!” (Seward) 5:25
11) Recognition Scene. “Look at the sky” (Van Helsing, Seward, Sisters ) 3:10
12) Vengeance of the Lord of Cries. (Dionysus, Sisters, Seward, Correspondent) 4:28
Total Tracks 31
Total Duration 02hr 17min

Album information


 Boston Modern Orchestra Project and Gil Rose present the world premiere recording of The Lord of Cries, a breathtaking opera by John Corigliano and Mark Adamo. Telling the story of Euripidess The Bacchae with the characters of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the piece explores the power of sexual desire and humans need to blame and attack others for what they can neither resist nor accept in themselves. Corigliano returns to opera for the first time since his The Ghosts of Versailles, introduced by the Metropolitan Opera, made an international sensation in 1992. The brilliant cast—most of whom introduced their parts in the world premiere in 2021—is led by star countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo in the title role.

 Multi-award winning composer John Coriglianos music has been commissioned, performed, and recorded by many of the most prominent orchestras, soloists, and chamber musicians in the world. The Pentatone recording of The Ghost of Versailles, released in 2016, won two Grammy Awards. Composer-librettist Mark Adamo’s four previous operas, including Little Women (1998) have been staged, recorded, and broadcast hundreds of times on five continents. Under the leadership of conductor Gil Rose, the Boston Modern Orchestra Project has become an unsurpassed advocate for 20th and 21st century American music; they make their Pentatone debut with The Lord of Cries.