Telemann: Ino & Late Works


Georg Philipp Telemann
Release Date: 08-03-2024
PTC: 5187072
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Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)

Ino, TWV 20:41

5) No 3c, Recitativo: "Mitleidiger Retter! Was hilft mir mein Leben?" 1:35
10) No 7, Recitativo: "Und nun! Ihr wendet Euch so schnell zurück?" 2:09
Total Tracks 31
Total Duration 01hr 11min

Album information


The Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin and soprano Christina Landshamer present a Telemann monography, consisting of his cantata Ino and instrumental works composed in the same period. Despite, or perhaps actually thanks to, Telemann’s use of just one singer, Ino is highly dramatic, depicting a desperate woman trying to save herself and her son from her husband turned mad, eventually throwing herself off a cliff and then transformed into a goddess. Telemann composed it two years before his death, and the score is exceptionally rich and colourful. The cantata is combined with his Overture in D Major, Divertimento in E-flat Major and Sinfonia melodica, each underlining the exceptional liveliness of this composer well into the ninth decade of his prolific life.  

The Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin is generally seen as one of the best period-instruments ensembles of today, and has a substantial Pentatone discography, including CANTATA with Bejun Mehta (2018), Handel’s Concerti grossi Op. 3 and 6 (released in 2019 and 2020). Telemann’s Miriways (2020), Handel’s Messiah (2020), Haydn’s L’isola disabitata (2021) and Mozart Symphonies (2023). Christina Landshamer collaborated with the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin on La Passione (2022), and also featured as Marzelline on Beethoven’s Fidelio (2021). 

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