Silvestrov: Postludium No. 3 (Digital-only single)


Valentin Silvestrov
Release Date: 23-02-2024
PTC: 5187305

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Valentin Silvestrov (b. 1937)

Total Tracks 1
Total Duration 00hr 04min

Album information

Cellist Matt Haimovitz and Kharkiv-born pianist Nadia Shpachenko present Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov’s Postludium No. 3, “a piece that merges the cello and piano organically into one celestial, loving breath, a metaphor for the power of music to unify in a divisive world.” To Haimovitz, playing Silvestrov’s music and celebrating Ukrainian culture with native-born Nadia Shpachenko has been a wonderfully meaningful experience. The collaboration on this recording gave Shpachenko an outlet to convey her pain about the war, while projecting hope. 

This is a digital-only single release.