Khachaturian / Prokofiev / Glazunov – Russian Violin Concertos

Release Date: 01-10-2016
PTC: 5186591

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Aram Khachaturian

Serge Prokofiev

Alexander Glazunov

Total Tracks 9
Total Duration 01hr 15min

Album information

This remarkable album marks the recording debut of German violinist Julia Fischer as well as the beginning of her extraordinary partnership with Russian-born conductor Yakov Kreizberg, which would result in numerous PENTATONE releases before the conductor’s untimely death in 2011. Together they tackle three Russian violin concertos which have been tragically overlooked, shedding new light on these masterpieces.

Fischer recalls first becoming enthralled with Khachaturian’s violin concerto at the age of 11, stating “I noticed straight away how impressive this work could be, and since then I have striven to establish it as a part of the standard violin repertoire.” The addition of Yakov Kreizberg and the the Russian National Orchestra, one of the premier ensembles to rise from the ashes of the Soviet Union, provided the perfect opportunity to showcase Russian repertoire.
The best-known work on the album is Serge Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto No. 1, a tour de force which features Prokofiev’s satirical tendencies and lyrical talents in equal parts. Rounding out the selection is Alexander Glazunov’s Violin Concerto in A minor, a triumph of Russian Romanticism which Fischer clearly relishes in this performance, declaring that the work was “absolutely delightful and rewarding for the instrument.”

The maturity of the repertoire selection, superb audio quality and delightful interplay between soloist, conductor and orchestra all contribute to a truly stunning debut album. The violin concertos of Khachaturian, Prokofiev and Glazunov are preserved in timeless beauty, providing a testament to the masterful artistry of Yakov Kreizberg, the Russian National Orchestra and a very precocious Julia Fischer.

The digital files can be downloaded from the original release with catalogue number PTC 5186 059