October 16, 2019

Pentatone is Gramophone’s Label of the Year 2019

We are proud to announce that PENTATONE has been awarded Label of the Year at the prestigious Gramophone Classical Music Awards 2019. The ceremony was hosted by Editor-in-Chief James Jolly at the De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden, and was broadcast worldwide by Medici TV on October 16, 2019. The winners of the Recording of the YearOrchestra of the YearArtist and Young Artist of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Award were revealed during the ceremony along with the Disc Award’s winners this year.

Quote from Martin Cullingford, Gramophone’s Editor and Publisher

“What do we look for in our label of the year? Firstly, a label that embraces a real breadth of repertoire, that’s very innovative, creative and courageous in its programming and in the artists that it chooses and then champions. And then one that presents those albums beautifully, in terms both of the recording quality, but also captivating packaging. Pentatone really fulfils on all of that.”

Quote from James Jolly, Gramophone’s Editor in Chief

“Pentatone was founded in 2002 by a group of former Philips executives and is still based in the Dutch town of Baarn where the big multinational was housed for years. Continuing the major’s philosophy of fine and unflashy musicianship allied to high-quality sound, the label grew, drawing around it its classy roster of artists. Now, in the care of a second generation of executives (though in these days of great slimmed-down companies a small team does everything), the label is in excellent shape and caught our eye (and ear) for its range and impressive style.”

Quote from Simon M. Eder, PENTATONE’s Managing Director

“Being awarded ‘Label of the Year 2019’ by Gramophone magazine is a truly rewarding recognition and approval of our new path. 

In exciting times like these ones, where the music market faces a massive transformation, we challenged ourselves to think bold in many areas: the old rules don’t apply anymore, neither do outdated label approaches. While in the past the label might have been the authority in the music industry, this role is now shaken up. Our role needs to evolve and be reshaped in order to stay relevant in the future.

Never before have we had a bigger variety of music formats co-existing on the market at the same time, whether it’s for CD, vinyl, streaming, download, radio – we embrace them all. For each channel, we developed tailored strategies to give the best shine to our artists and their music. But there is one communication channel which is the most important and dearest one to us: the dialogue with our artists. It all starts from there.

The award is for both; a precious honour for what we’ve achieved, but at the same time a big motivation to continue on our path.”

Quote from Renaud Loranger, PENTATONE’s Vice President Artists and Repertoire

“When I joined the label three years ago, my colleagues and I found ourselves in front of a blank slate, literally – and the exhilarating challenge of developing the label’s roster and expanding its activities internationally. While remaining true to our core values and building on earlier successes, the territory to explore was and remains immense. Pentatone strives to be the obvious address for serious recording in our day and age, with an uncompromising approach and the highest ambition. Away with cynicism – that is what our work is about!

Our artists are the beating heart of our label; they are at the centre of everything we do. This is an extraordinary recognition of their achievements. We share it with them, as well as with our wonderful team. “

See the full winners list here!