Thursday 12 June 2014


Music enthusiasts give inspiring reviews after receiving our special package

Last month we gave our friends the opportunity to win 2 releases of the latest Arabella Steinbacher's Mozart release  by simply replying correctly to the questions Arabella asked via YouTube. Zhiylou Low and Lawrence Lo have been the quickest and most accurate ones and have sent us their lovely pictures and unexpected reviews:

Ms. Steinbacher plays with a grace and elegance that is seldom heard today! Thank you Pentatone Music for working so hard to create such a gem and timeless masterpiece! She plays with so much care, but it still possesses a wonderfully light and "Mozart-y" feel. I simply love and adore this wonderful CD!!

Zhiyou Low, USA

Ms. Steinbacher maintains such poise in her rendition of these works, while managing to reveal a fiery vibrancy just under the surface. Her sound is warm and pliant. One cannot help but feel joy in this playing. The orchestra feels multi dimensioned, thankfully transparent, providing welcome breathing space in the sound. No doubt the recording engineers deserve credit for this as well. Thank you for providing this dose of happiness.

Lawrence Lo, Canada