Wednesday 5 March 2014

New release: Tchaikovsky's lesser known Manfred Symphony

We happily present our newest release, the lesser known Tchaikovsky's Manfred Symphony. We could proudly say that this recording tops off an outstanding complete recording of the six numbered symphonies. Just don't take our word for it, go experience it yourself! We know that those familiar with Pletnev's Tchaikovsky project have impatiently been looking forward to this last recording with high expectations, as you also may notice that the Manfred is rarely performed in concert and this release is a true rarity in the super-audio. 
But do trust us when we say this is Tchaikovsky as it has never been heard before. Under Mikhail Pletnev's baton, the Russian National Orchestra exhibits an immense degree of esprit de corps, vitality, rigor and soul. A triumph in sound and poetry. To make it even more intriguing,  towards the end of the recording, an organ supports the orchestra. Incidentally, this was recorded separately in Berlin for the recording at hand. An elevation, one may say – however, the “taste” involved here is a subject worthy of debate. Ready to start the debate?