October 18, 2016


Another loving review from Audiophile Audition! Overtures to Bach, by our Artist of the Season Matt Haimovitz is heartily recommended by the magazine. According to the review ‘‘this is a wonderful disc, with music that compliments rather than works against the Bach.”

Both the content of the cd, as well as the audio is adressed very positively in the review:

”In terms of sonics, the disc is excellent, but of course, we’re only hearing a cello. It’s well-recorded, with a particularly realistic and solid low end. The disc was recorded in 5.0, so the surrounds are limited to hints of the recording space, but with all my speakers engaged there is a realistic sound. I can heartily recommend this disc for Bach lovers who want to extend their musical vistas and any music lover who wants a stimulating and engaging experience.”

We have made an exclusive set of video’s of the recording of this unique album. Check out the video’s here or read the full review on the website of Audiophile Audition.