August 08, 2016

Overtures to Bach: ”building a bridge from the master’s time to our own”

The latest release by our artist of the week Matt Haimovitz is greatly positive received by musical website Broadwayworld. The album ‘Overtures to Bach‘, contains different overtures, by six different composers. According to Broadwayworld, ”The new overtures expand upon the multitude of spiritual, cross-cultural, and vernacular references found in the Bach, building a bridge from the master’s time to our own.” 

The album is already widely praised for it’s innovative content and was even chosen as CD of the week on Dutch national radio station Radio 4. As Broadwayworld summarizes very well. ”Matt Haimovitz’s continuously-evolving and intense engagement with the Bach Cello Suites reaches a new zenith with Overtures to Bach, six new commissions that anticipate and reflect each of the cello suites.”

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