January 27, 2020

Gramophone reviews Beethoven – Complete String Quartets

The Miró Quartet bring a distinctive blend of elegance and daring to Beethoven”.

”Beethoven – Complete String Quartets” performed by Miró Quartet has been reviewed on Gramophone – January 2020 Edition! Read a glimpse of the review below!

” The way the Miró revel in the music’s daring without sacrificing any of its surface polish remains impressive. Their playing is always articulate and balanced with care, even when they opt for a breakneck tempo – try, say, the last movement of No 5, which in their hands becomes a grinning, giddy homage to the ‘Jupiter’ Symphony’s finale. […] At their best, which is a fair percentage of this handsomely recorded cycle, the Miró get to the very core of Beethoven’s art, and they do so by revealing the specific genius of each individual quartet.”

Andrew Farach-Colton

Read the full review on Gramophone – January 2020 Issue

Photo by Jeff Wilson