October 02, 2023

Francesca Aspromonte and Boris Begelman Explore The Vicissitudes Of Love On ‘Un’alma innamorata’

Pentatone releases Un’alma innamorata, together with Francesca Aspromonte, Boris Begelman and Arsenale Sonoro, in October 2023.

Exploration of Love’s Vicissitudes In Worldly Handel Cantatas

Soprano Francesca Aspromonte and violinist Boris Begelman present an all-Handel programme exploring the vicissitudes of love, together with Arsenale Sonoro. On Un’alma innamorata, Aspromonte urges us to take ownership of our amorous infatuations, rather than blaming it on Cupid’s arrows. The programme consists of several worldly cantatas with violino concertante – including the famous Mi palpita il cor and a world premiere recording of S’un dì m’appaga la mia crudele – interspersed with instrumental sonatas. The overall chamber-musical approach of Un’alma innamorata increases the emotional impact of the tragic heroines depicted by Aspromonte.

Francesca Aspromonte presents her third Pentatone album, after having released Prologue (2018) and Maria & Maddalena (2021). Boris Begelman featured on the latter album, whereas Arsenale Sonoro makes its Pentatone debut.

Un’alma innamorata” is a program about…love. Just another recital about love.
Well, not exactly.

This time nobody is trying to condemn the little arrow-shooting kid. Poor Cupid…he is no tyrant,
no cruel god, no sadist playing darts with human flesh. We are the ones to blame!

Through the series of fortunate and unfortunate events of life, love is one of the most beautiful, yet complicated experiences humans face. And how do we deal with it? We enjoy holding Love itself accountable for our feelings, singing incredibly beautiful arias, long lyric laments, desperate, angry coloratura…but still arguing we are the victims of the one little master of evil.

Love made me do it!” No. It’s time to take responsibility, time to choose if infatuations and heartbreaks are going to define how we live our life.

The abandoned, rejected or betrayed lovers starring these cantatas, in an all-Handel line-up, actually lead us along the way, and through their singing it seems to hear them say: “I’m in love…and I must handle it”.

Yes, silly pun intended!!!

Francesca Aspromonte

Digital Release Date: 27 OCTOBER 2023

Physical Release: OCTOBER 2023

Released as 1 standard CD and in digital formats for streaming and high-resolution downloads.