June 23, 2023

CALEFAX – ‘Moondog New Amsterdam’ post-release EP

Calefax — from Old Amsterdam — has been in ‘New Amsterdam’ so many times. This is our tribute to The Big Apple for which we invited a few New Yorkers to join us in this iconic Moondog tune ‘New Amsterdam’. May we be connected for many years to come!

In the 1940’s up to 1972, the blind busker Moondog was an iconic person on the streets of New York City. He could often be found on 6th Avenue wearing a cloak and a horned helmet. Many were unaware that Moondog was also a composer. From a young age, Moondog found inspiration in indigenous music, jazz, and counterpoint. In turn, he influenced early minimalist composers like Philip Glass and Steve Reich.”

‘Moondog’s New Amsterdam’ is part of the album An American Rhapsody, release with PENTATONE in March 2023.

Filmed and edited by H. Paul Moon | https://zenviolence.com