February 21, 2019

Great review of Heimweh on De Volkskrant!

“One rarely hears a singer who penetrates into the core of the text as deeply as young German soprano Anna Lucia Richter on her Schubert album.”

De Volkskrant praises our release of Heimweh (Schubert Lieder) / Richter” with Anna Lucia Richter, Matthias Schorn and Gerold Huber. Read a glimpse of the review below!

Richter sings with pure, almost girlish vocals, but also possesses darker, more massive registers, which she employs in the song Totengräbers Heimweh. Gerold Huber’s accompaniment is of an astonishing subtility and fits Richter’s interpretation like a glove. 

Frits van der Waa

Read the full review on De Volkskrant here!

Photo by Brent Calis