July 12, 2017

A Live Recording to Celebrate Art and Music

Tippet Rise OPUS 2016: Domo is a live recording born from the inaugural season at the Tippet Rise Art Center in Fishtail Montana. The center’s intimate concert space is set on a 10,260-acre working sheep and cattle ranch dotted with majestic large-scale sculptures – all nestled against the backdrop of the Beartooth Mountains. Tippet Rise celebrates the concept that art, music, architecture, and nature are inextricably linked in the human experience, each amplifying the other. 

In music by Scriabin, Chopin, Stravinsky, Rachmaninov, and Antón García Abril; and through extraordinary performances by pianists Yevgeny Sudbin, Svetlana Smolina, Christopher O’Riley, Anne-Marie McDermott, Stephen Hough, Jenny Chen and Julien Brocal; cellist Matt Haimovitz, trumpeter Elmer Churampi, and soprano Emily Helenbrook, Tippet Rise OPUS 2016 presents a cornucopia of virtuosity, fantasy, and transcendence. All the excitement of musicians and audience is felt in the room, and sometimes a violent rainstorm makes its presence known as well.

“In reflecting on summer 2016 at Tippet Rise, themes and symmetries emerge organically. This program, oscillating back and forth between solo piano and duos of varying formation, celebrates the expansive, symphonic dialogue of human imagination and nature at Tippet. There is a cornucopia of virtuosity, song, fantasy, transcendence, amour…. Sonically, Tippet Rise OPUS 2016 draws on the extraordinary richness of Tippet’s piano resources – a veritable Eden of pianos is heard and expressed in the hands of the artists.” Luna Pearl Woolf & Matt Haimovitz (photo by: Yevgeny Sudbin)“Something one can only imagine in dreams – it was here in reality! The sound production and the touch of this Hamburg Steinway was the closest thing to divinity for a pianist. It was pure bliss to experience the gorgeous, powerful, distinctively elegant, overwhelmingly sensitive, feminine and at the same time deeply masculine sound this Steinway could produce – it was an infinite cosmos of colors, expressions and emotions – all in one instrument. I felt it expressed the ideas of Scriabin; his leitmotifs and his philosophy.”Svetlana Smolina (photo by: Andre Constantini)