March 20, 2024

Tiffany Poon’s Connection with Schumann: An Exclusive Interview with International Piano

Tiffany Poon spoke with International Piano about her latest album Diaries: Schumann, about identifying with the twin sides of Schumann’s personality, and empathising with a creative temperament that threaded two opposing alter egos through his music

“I think I have always had two different personalities and emotions. Lots of trivial moments but also the fact that I’m from Hong Kong and then uprooted to New York when I was not yet eight. Hong Kong was such a part of my identity so I don’t really say that I’m from America even thought I’ve been living in New York for longer than I lived in Hong Kong. Then I always found myself gravitating towards different things from my generation at times. So I would hang out with my art teachers in school so I felt like an adult and a child. This kind of duality always existed in me. Then Hong Kong is a bilingual city – Cantonese and English. At first I spoke English with a British accent. Now I speak it with an American accent.

Tiffany Poon

Read the full interview in the Spring Issue of International Piano.