May 10, 2022

The San Francisco Conservatory Of Music Acquires Pentatone

The San Francisco Conservatory of Music (SFCM) announced that it is the new home of PENTATONE, a partnership that will enable students, artists, and the public to benefit from the combined resources of a leading conservatory and a legendary label.

PENTATONE joins an existing alliance between SFCM and Opus 3 Artists, the renowned management company that the Conservatory acquired in October 2020. As a trio, SFCM, Opus 3 Artists, and PENTATONE present an innovative platform to reimagine the model for professional music education and to invent the performance experience of the future.

PENTATONE will continue to operate as an independent company. Like SFCM students, its artists now have access to SFCM’s state-of-the-art recording studio in the Ute and William K. Bowes, Jr. Center for Performing Arts in San Francisco’s Civic Center Arts District. The facility, Studio G, is adjacent to the Conservatory’s multipurpose, black box Technology Hall; both were inaugurated in November 2021 and quickly became two of the most desirable spaces to create, capture and listen to immersive audio.

In addition to sharing engineers, orchestral talent, educational resources, masterclasses, and professional development sessions, SFCM expects to invite the PENTATONE team to campus to participate in a project with students and faculty during the Conservatory’s 2023 Winter Term, ultimately resulting in the release of an album.

Sean Hickey, PENTATONE Managing Director says:

“The team at PENTATONE is excited for the potential that comes with a profound partnership with SFCM and the constituent companies of its larger organization. We are pleased that it affords us the potential for meaningful collaboration in the areas of higher education, recorded music, and music management and the shared resources that we hope to enjoy as a result. The record industry is changing drastically and now is a good time for one of the largest and most-celebrated independent classical labels to forge deeper and more strategic partnerships.”

David Stull, SFCM President says:

“Bringing PENTATONE in-house creates an extraordinary backdrop to explore new ideas for performing, recording and distributing music. For the first time, professional artists have access to a research and development engine in the form of SFCM’s students and PENTATONE’s skill and creativity producing musical experiences of quality and enduring importance. Our collaboration will provide invaluable opportunities to students while giving new life to one of the world’s greatest labels. Together, we will continue to push boundaries that advance the cause of music worldwide.”

The acquisition was made possible because of a private donation.