February 05, 2019

Steinbacher latest album ‘Aber der Richtige’ gets Luister 10!

“Indescribably beautiful!”

Luister praises our release of “Richard Strauss – Violin Concerto / Miniatures” with Arabella Steinbacher, Lawrence Foster and the WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne. Read a glimpse of the review below!

The apotheosis of the album is ‘Aber der Richtige’, the duet from Strauss’ opera Arabella, presented with frighteningly beautiful double-stops, and accompanied by the top-class Cologne orchestra and maestro Lawrence Foster. Steinbacher dedicates her heart and soul to Strauss’ music and, while singing on the violin, transforms into the opera character of Arabella after which she once was named. 

Siebe Riedstra

Read the full review on Luister – January/ February 2019 Issue

Photo by Sammy Hart