July 20, 2016

Christopher Jacobson’s ‘Aeolian Organ’ is Recording of the Month at MusicWeb International

”A fabulous instrument, superbly played and recorded; an absolute must for organ fans.”

Christopher Jacobson’s release of The Aeolian Organ at Duke University is made release of the month at MusicWeb International! We are absolutely delighted to share this wonderful review with you. The album was released recently and allready got various great reviews. The review praises the repertoire of the album, as well as the great performance of Jacobson: 

”That’s all very well, but albums such as this work best when the programme is varied (…). The glorious surge and swell of Howells’ Rhapsody has never sounded so thrilling, its quieter passages so radiant. Then again this organ speaks with a warm, honest voice that suits this music very nicely. The ensuing excerpt from French composer-organist André Fleury’s Organ Symphony No. 2 shows just how clean-limbed this Aeolian is. What a delightful performance, brimming with quiet brilliance and firm but gentle rhythms.” 

Jacobson recently shared some insights on the recording of the album in which he explained that the repertoire was carefully chosen, and includes some of his favourite pieces. As well, the album was recorded with great care, which clearly pays off!

Read the full review on the website of MusicWeb International