July 11, 2024

Silvia Pietrosanti’s Personal Pick of the Month – July 2024

Our wonderful Director of Marketing & Business Development – Silvia Pietrosanti – recommends Diaries: Schumann by Tiffany Poon (released in February 2024).

“I still remember our first call with Tiffany and the care and thought that were put into this album. Everything about it was very personal and connected. It would represent growing up, coming of age, becoming and “feeling all the feels”. She would be playing Schumann, ranging from Kinderszenen to Davidsbündlertänze, from introspective to passionate. We talked about the composer’s emotional extremes in his changeable personality “Florestan” and “Eusebius”, one emotional and outgoing, the other one thoughtful and rational and we reflected on how common this feeling is. We touched a little about the online/offline persona, which is something very real for Tiffany, given all her followers and how prolific and popular she is on social media. We also talked about wanting a natural, raw music. A music with no judgment. A safe space for reflection and daydreaming.

We decided together to link every date of this album release to meaningful moments of Tiffany’s life: the digital strategy would kick off around her birthday and the full album would be released around her mum’s birthday, as well as Chinese New Year. Each of them a part of what she is.

The title “Diaries” and the closed/open eyes in the album/booklet cover would allow us to enter her world of words, scattered notes and thoughts about existence. The whole booklet is a diary per se. The same beautiful vulnerability in her playing is reflected in her words and all the pictures she chose, “scenes” from life. So many sentences I could choose to quote, so many resonate with me: “Who do we want to become? (…) We daydream about a memory from childhood. Maybe we were happy. Maybe we were terrified. We look for the origin of how we are the way we are now. Are we like our parents? (…)”

I write this with her booklet open on my desk, while listening to the first track on repeat on Spotify, while her canvas goes on in a loop with vintage footage of Tiffany as a child, as a young adult on a swing and as a performer, again “scenes”. Everything fits perfectly, it sounds and feels like a daydream indeed and makes you wonder. The loop of life, becoming, looking back, moving forward and looking back again.

This is such a genuine album and one of the most vulnerable things I have ever worked on, listen to, watched and read at the same time.”

Silvia Pietrosanti, Director of Marketing & Business Development