May 24, 2023

Signum Quartett “constantly creates exciting experiences in the music”

The Signum Quartett does not miss the chance to follow the traces of the music with care and precision, even in these small formats.” 

Lebensmuth, performed by Signum Quartett, received a Supersonic rating from Pizzicato.

“These quartets both show divergences with respect to already established genre conventions. For example, while the early work surprises by opening with the operatic-sounding opening movement instead of erudite conversation, the dissonant harmonies of the late quartet point to the future. The Signum Quartet makes these aspects very clear. In the G minor Quartet, it revives the music, which seems almost carefree, with fresh impetus.

The song arrangements for string quartet may once again present the essence to each listener in a different way than the originals. Withdrawn from the voice, the ear can concentrate on the harmonic subtleties differently than if it also had to listen to the words. As in a kaleidoscope, new levels become audible with each note, which gain their charm from the division into four lines instead of voice and piano. In this respect, the Songs without Words, here from different creative periods, represent a small but excellent enrichment.” 

Uwe Krusch

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