July 13, 2018

Second Inversion reviews Mason Bates’ The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs

“The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs paves the way for more operatic exploration of modern stories, electronic instruments, and unique structures. With its dramatic examination of technology, it proves that fixtures of the world we live in today can give rise to stories every bit as epic and visceral as operas of the past.”

The  Second Inversion praises our release of “Mason Bates – The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs” with The Santa Fe Opera! Read a glimpse of the review below!

Without discarding opera’s historic blueprint, (R)evolution masterfully incorporates modern themes and sounds to tell a story that resonates with modern audiences everywhere. Bates and librettist Mark Campbell have painted a musical portrait of Jobs that speaks to one of the biggest concerns our time—connecting with other people in a digital world—while retaining the grandiose music and powerful emotion that has always characterized opera.

Gabriela Tedeschi

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Photo by Ken Howard