April 01, 2023

Sean Shibe is awarded Caecilia Award for ‘Lost & Found’

Sean Shibe is a unique figure, not pinned down to a style or a tradition.” 

Sean Shibe was awarded Caecilia Award in Bruxelles, as one of the ten Lauréats for his latest album Lost & Found. The award ceremony was followed by a concert with the Belgian National Orchestra, conductor Eva Ollikainen and our artist Arabella Steinbacher.

On Lost & Found he reworks music by Hildegard von Bingen, Chick Corea, Moondog and Olivier Messiaen, among others, for his electric Fender guitar. The result is a play with the subtlety of electric sound, a breath of fresh air through age- old repertoire. His playing is extremely soothing, unexpectedly fragile for this instrument. Conjuring without falling into clichés, because just when Shibe seems to cross the border with the ambient in that stillness, he shakes the listener awake with well- placed pep, virtuoso finger picking and abrasive upset.

Jasper Croonen, De Standaard