May 23, 2024

‘Schubert: Ländler’ Selected as ‘One of the Best Classical Albums of 2024’ by The Times

He shapes and shades the notes with poise and subtle inflections, yet nothing becomes overdone, precious or brittle.

‘Schubert: Ländler’, performed by Pierre-Laurent Aimard, received a fantastic review and was selected as one of the ‘Best Classical Albums of 2024 (So Far)’ by The Times.

Since it’s Schubert, simplicity doesn’t mean superficiality. “Schubert,” Aimard tells us, “manages to plunge us into the heart of the sweetness, ambiguity and vertigo of the realm between life and death.” But whether you feel plunged into such twilight or not, it’s abundantly clear that Aimard’s approach to these miniature jewels is entirely suitable and rewarding.

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