August 29, 2016

Wonderful Review: Cold Mountain by Audiophile Audition

Our release of Jennifer Higdon’s Cold Mountain was awarded five out of five stars by Audiophile Auditions! As the review stresses:

”Sound is terrific, and the performances superb, especially the difficult role of W.P. Inman played by Nathan Gunn, but this is to single out a superlative in a cast of superlatives. I really hope this becomes the American classic it deserves to be.”

”the penetrating music of Jennifer Higdon, one of the superstars in today’s classical music firmament, offers yet another developmental excursion into the complexities of Frazier’s marvelous story. What the book hints at, brilliantly, and the movie brings to life in an interpretative manner, the music turns inside out and allows us to more fully absorb the difficulties and challenges faced by these many-faceted and all-too human personages.”

The release is part of our American Opera Series. The review also addresses the great quality of this Series in general:

‘This is a Santa Fe Opera production, part of a new series of multichannel American Opera splendors that Pentatone has seen fit to record, and worthy addition it is.”

Read the whole review on the website of Audiophile Auditions.