Schubert – Complete Works for Violin and Piano


Franz Peter Schubert
Release Date: 01-10-2014
PTC: 5186519
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Franz Peter Schubert


Rondo for Violin and Piano in B minor "Rondo Brillant", D. 895 Op. 70


Total Tracks 24
Total Duration 01hr 58min

Album information

The SACD recordings by these two brilliant German artists, Julia Fischer and Martin Helmchen — originally launched in two separate volumes in 2009 and 2010 — were remarkably successful from both a critical and a commercial standpoint.

As it is the violin and piano works that constitute the essential enchantment, one can hardly imagine that somebody would be interested in one without wanting the other as well.

These performances, which were charmingly recorded in a warm acoustic space form, perfectly balanced conversations between two vibrant young personalities.

Julia Fischer and Martin Helmchen skilfully reveal what can be achieved when Schubert’s Violin and Piano duos are given the right treatment: a wonderful piece of music, expertly performed. The release uniquely features Fischer as a pianist in the four-hand piece, Fantasia for Piano Duet D. 940. She had previously performed as a pianist in concert, but this was her recording debut.

This two-disc collector’s edition will be available worldwide as of 1 October 2014.