April 02, 2021

PENTATONE presents the new single of Viktor Orri Árnason, Var – Er

PENTATONE releases works of composer Viktor Orri Árnasson, whose innovative musical and sound approach expands our notions of what classical music is today.

The single Var – Er is the apotheosis of Eilífur (Eternal), Icelandic contemporary composer Viktor Orri Árnason’s first PENTATONE album, in which the prospect of living forever is contemplated. For Árnason, this current prediction of human immortality by some of today’s greatest minds is truly fascinating. Var – Er presents a dialogue between a father and a son about embracing what is now and finding excitement in thought about the future. This story is captured through vast orchestral sounds mixed with distinctive electronics which were meticulously manipulated in time, establishing a sound world that is eerie and enticing at the same time.

Viktor Orri Árnason’s album Eilífur will be released on June, 18th 2021.

Var – Er was composed, produced and mixed by Viktor Orri Árnason, with additional production from Hildur Guðnadóttir. The Karlakórinn Fóstbræður (male choir) was conducted by Árni Harðarson, and the Budapest Art Orchestra was conducted by Viktor Orri Árnason. Mastered by Zino Mikorey.

Listen to Var- Er here:

Photo by Yvonne Hartman