March 01, 2024

Pentatone Announces Exclusive Partnership with NativeDSD Music

Get ready for an exceptional audio experience as all Pentatone DSD releases will now be exclusively available in the highest DSD resolutions on NativeDSD!

“I’m delighted by the strong bond between NativeDSD Music and Pentatone. Our shared commitment to excellence in both recording quality and musicianship underscores our dedication to delivering emotion directly to the listener’s ears. It’s very special for us to be the only source that offers Pentatone releases in the highest DSD resolutions.”

Jonas Sacks, co-founder of NativeDSD Music

“Pentatone has long shown a deep commitment to recorded sound at the highest fidelity, as well as to unparalleled artistry. We are grateful for the long-term commitment to the DSD format that NativeDSD has made over the years, and we are very pleased to share this exclusive partnership with a company that has shown our artists promotional support and has demonstrated commitment to winning converts to DSD.”

Sean Hickey, Managing Director of Pentatone