June 13, 2018

OperaWire Reviews Aspromonte’s Prologue

“…the exquisite vocal beauty of Francesca Aspromonte, backed by the delightful and refined playing of Il “Pomo d’Oro” orchestra, they reveal themselves to be forgotten little gems, mini-dramas in their own right, full of refined, charming, and graceful music..”

The OperaWire praises our release of “Prologue” with Francesca Aspromonte, Enrico Onofri , il pomo d’oro! Read the review below!

Overall, however, this is a disc that delights on so many levels. It not only brings together examples of a musico-dramatic form that has been largely ignored, but also acts as wonderful showcase for Francesca Aspromonte and her prodigious talent, and is accompanied by the splendid playing of Il pomo d’oro. As one listens, it is difficult not to be impressed by the qualities of her voice, her solid technique and the sheer musicality and intelligence which she brings to each piece.
In total there are 12 tracks consisting of 11 prologues, six with accompanying sinfonias as well as “L’Orfeo’s” prologue accompanied by a toccata, and one track featuring a sinfonia by Stradella. This was an undertaking in which the enthusiasm and passion of the artists are palpable. It is a disc that is exploratory, revelatory and, most importantly, beautiful to listen to.

Alan Neilson

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