July 19, 2023

‘Mahler Symphony No. 2’ is “enthralling interpretation full of insight”

“Bychkov’s dramatic instincts craft a Resurrection full of light and shade.

Mahler Symphony No. 2, performed by Czech Philharmonic and maestro Semyon Bychkov, received a wonderful review and was selected as the Editor’s Choice by Limelight.

The miracle is how cohesively this disparate affair turned out, yet a successful performance still demands a clear sense of symphonic architecture wedded to a dramatist’s ear for musical storytelling. Those qualities are in plentiful supply in Semyon Bychkov’s interpretation, the third volume in his Mahler cycle with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. As in their recording of the Fourth Symphony, there’s a transparency of textures that invite you to hear this musical behemoth with fresh ears, and as in their reading of the Fifth Symphony, there’s a feeling of detailed narrative fantasy that brings this music to colourful life.

The Czech players are on stellar form, whether en masse, where the sound is suitably prodigious, or in characterful solos, such as the haunting song of a lone nightingale in the apocalyptic finale or the ensuing portrayal of the last trumpet.

Clive Paget

You can read the full review HERE.