June 06, 2023

Interview with Yulianna Avdeeva – Ritmo Magazine

“When the music plays, the performer is no longer relevant.”

Yulianna Avdeeva

Pianist Yulianna Avdeeva spoke to Darío Fernández Ruiz from Ritmo Magazine about her latest album Resilience.

“After playing on that piano and delving into his world, I thought it would be a great help for me to face what was happening to us with his music. I am convinced that music is our common language, that sounds and tones connect us and that thanks to it we are able to understand any situation. Then I had the idea of looking for pieces that had been composed in very difficult situations and that showed how composers had dealt with them differently…”

“Prokofiev doesn’t care so much about what’s going on around him; his music seems more like a philosophical reflection made from a higher level.”

Yulianna Avdeeva

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