February 04, 2020

Gramophone reviews Der Freischütz

“With a project as well realised as this, one reflects how Weber and Kind’s great 1821 work may still be undervalued as a radical piece of music theatre.”

”Der Freischütz” performed by Lise Davidsen, Andreas Schager, Sofia Fomina, Alan Held and the Frankfurt Radio Symphony conducted by Marek Janowski has been reviewed on Gramophone – February 2020 Edition! Read a glimpse of the review below!

“Marek Janowski is on something of a golden run at the moment with German stage classics on disc […]. His second Freischütz has a more, shall we say, relevant cast – which brutally means less Italianate – and a searching relationship with the Frankfurt orchestra. In this – although I suspect the maestro has no direct interest in this ‘school’ as such – a large modern orchestra plays with all the colour and varying tonal weight of an informed period band. Everything from bumpy local peasant dancing and brass bands to ghost-like tremolandos and intervals in the Wolf’s Glen is brought fully into focus.”

Mike Ashman

Read the full review on Gramophone – February 2020 Issue

Photo by Ray Burmiston