October 02, 2017

Financial Times Reviews Serenade by Thomas Hampson

“Thomas Hampson has put together an imaginative programme […] Hampson sings stylishly in clear French”

Financial Times gave a 4 stars review for our release of Serenade performed by Thomas Hampson, Maciej Pikulski. Thomas Hampson lovingly showcases the riches of French salon music in this irresistible survey of melodies françaises, from the finesse of Gounod and Bizet to the iridescent harmonies of Chausson and Massenet. Read a glimpse of the review below.

There are many byways through the well-stocked garden of French song for those who want to explore further afield. Thomas Hampson has put together an imaginative programme that places just a handful of well-known songs along its path, including Chabrier’s jolly parade of ducklings in “Villanelle des petits canards” and Chausson’s hothouse “Le temps des lilas”.

Richard Fairman

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photo by Jiyang Cheng