August 14, 2020

Calder Quartet’s digital-only album Eclectic Currents is out today!

As part of PENTATONE’s digital-only releases, we are thrilled to announce Calder Quartet’s latest album “Eclectic Currents!”

Eclectic Currents explores the endless possibility of the string quartet at the beginning of the twenty-first century. During the past decades, the Calder Quartet has commissioned works by many of the most imaginative young composers writing today. From the acoustic sonorities, dramatic rhythms, and unique timbres of Norman, Akiho, and Hearne, to the creaking amplifications of Davis, the glitchy electronic dirges of Wohl, and the primitive electronics of Perich, this album offers a snapshot of this body of work. The time-honoured combination of instruments sounds entirely new in the hands of the many composers involved in this project.