January 11, 2017

Exclusive Insights by Denis Kozhukhin on his new Brahms release

In February, we will release a new album of Brahms Ballades and Fantasies performed by our exclusive artist, Denis Kozhukhin. Bold, turbulent defiance sit alongside pained introspection and bittersweet reverie in this penetrating recital of Brahms piano works. By turns placid, sparse, restive and impassioned, the highly personal and contemplative late piano pieces of Brahms have been described as “the mirrors of his soul”.  Read Denis Kozhukhin’s personal note about his latest release.

“These works by Brahms reflect the many aspects of the life of a great man; the intellect of an exceptional mind and the emotions of a profoundly sensitive human being.

From the Ballades with their resonance of a young man wondering about an uncertain future, to the Phantasies, with their sickening contrasts, which move from the despair of a man who suffered great loss to the powerful resilient strength of a human being who refuses to accept the approaching end.”

The album is already exclusively available on PENTATONE two months before the official release date.