December 16, 2021

Beethoven Fidelio Selected as Classica’s Choc de Classica

Beethoven Fidelio from Marek Janowski, Lise Davidsen, Christian Elsner, Georg Zeppenfeld, Günther Groissböck, Cornel Frey, Christina Landshamer, Johannes-Martin Kränzle, Aaron Pegram, and Chao Deng is Classica‘s Choc de Classica for December 2021. Reviewed by Pierre Flinois.

“High level result, by the way that Marek Janowski plays on the disparity of styles and gives it a fluid conception and built in an increasingly intense arc, and of a warm humanity. Light beat, which suits the Singspiel of Act I and tends the drama to II, lively dialogues, orchestra rich in defatted, excavated timbres by the microphones, exemplary choirs, striking distribution, one would believe oneself in a glorious past.”

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Photo by Jean-François Leclercq